Adaptability Ring 

The Adaptability Ring contains all the colours and hair patterns that are available.

Flat Bristle Brush 

Our Flat Bristle Brush is excellent for daily maintenance and a perfect aid when you blow dry your hair. Using any other brush may lead to "shedding"/damage to the natural hair.

Mini Bristle Brush (with removable crochet) 

The Mini Bristle Brush includes a removable metal crochet hook that is used to thread the hair through the Volumizer holes. This size fits perfectly in your handbag.

Hot Air Curling Tongs 

Specially designed to "protect" the hair. This tool heats the hair from the inside and has a cooling trigger.


Newest High Tech foam based Mannequin, for styling your Volumizer, Premium Weft, Clip Weft or any other hairpiece.

Mannequin Holder 

With these Mannequin Holders you have the choice between a Clamp or a Suction Holder.

Daily Shampoo 

PerfecTress® Daily Shampoo is a gentle but thorough cleanser. Always rinse 3 times longer than time spent shampooing the hair.

Daily Conditioner 

PerfecTress® Daily Conditioner keeps the hair nice and smooth and detangles effortlessly. Always rinse the conditioner thoroughly.

Daily Smoothing Spray 

PerfecTress® Daily Smoothing softens the hair and gives it a silky look and feel. Daily Smoothing takes care of static hair, it is recommended to use on a daily basis. Can be used on dry and wet hair.

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