Transformation Connections

Transformation Connections hair extension strands

Latest Technology 

With the latest technology at hand we have created a revolutionary new type of assemblage combining the hair and ring in one streamlined reusable design. The ring is covered 360 degrees with hair on both the inside and the outside. Once attached the Connections become very flat and hold securely without any damage to the natural hair.

Why better?

• Application time cut down by 50%

• No heat, adhesives, beads or solvents applied to client's hair

• Removal in 15 minutes!

• No residue left behind

• 3x Reusable

Transformation Connections available in Remy Cuticle Human Hair


Hair Type:
100% Human Hair (Remy Cuticle Intact)

Hair Lengths:
14”/35 cm
18”/45 cm
22”/55 cm

Hair Patterns:
Silky Straight (SS)
Natural Body (NB)
Body Wave (BW)

Transformation Connections colour chart

#1        Jet Black
#1B      Off Black
#2        Darkest Brown
#4        Brown
#6        Medium Brown
#8        Chestnut Brown
#10      Light Brown
#12      Golden Brown
#14      Wheat Brown
#16      Honey Blonde
#18      Light Ash Brown

#22      Ash Blonde
#24      Golden Blonde
#25      Blonde 
#27R    Strawberry Blonde - Red Tone
#28      Honey Brown
#30R    Auburn - Red Tone
#33R    Deep Auburn - Red Tone
#138    Burgundy
#612    Light Ash Blonde
#613    Lightest Blonde
#613B  Light Blonde

#F12    Red
#F14    Deep Red
#F16    Orange
#F19    Blue
#F22    Pink
#F28    Purple

B4      Bleached Brown

Essential Tools


Transformer C 

The Transformer C is specially designed to amplify the pressure of your hand locking the Connection the proper way into the hair. Using different pliers or crimpers may cause slipping and/or damage to the Connection.



The Reformer is used as a 'rescue' tool for Connections and Connection Points that are somehow damaged or that are too tight to take out with the Transformer. Mainly used for Connections and the Volumizer.


Connector L 

The Connector L is specially designed for pre-loading more Connections onto the Connector. The Connector L includes 4 Spare Loops.


Starter Kit 

The Starter Kit forms part of the Certification Program. Included is educational material and all the tools and accessories required to perform Transformation Connection services.






Transformation Connections is an unique service product and only hair stylists, who have participated in one of our Certification programs, may sell
and service it.

Online Silver Certification Program - Trailer

Product Demonstration

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