Premium Weft

Premium Weft, a special tight re-enforced stitched weft


• A special tight re-enforced stitched weft - Hair will not shed
• Weft seam is super thin (only 1 mm)
• No short return hairs below the weft seam
• Flat and comfortable to wear
• Soft and healthy texture
• Natural shine, no artificial gloss
• Natural permanent hair pattern, not chemically permed


Longest Lasting
PerfecTress® human hair is the longest lasting hair available. It has been shown to last for over 100 washes!

Unmatched Comfort
Premium wefted hair is tightly stitched, not glued, ensuring that there is no shedding, tangling or matting.

Moisture Lock
Our patented Perma Moisture Protein Treatment, injected inside the hair cortex, prevents the hair from drying out.

Healthy & Durable
The cuticles of PerfecTress® human hair are intact. When the cuticle, the hair's protective shield, is intact the hair reflects a natural shine and is more durable. We then reinforce the cuticle with our Micro Polymer Cross-Linking Treatment, which encapsulates the hair with Micro-Polymers. This treatment is like a fine net that fills the space between cuticles. The result is a silky smooth surface that will not tangle.

Easy Combing
The cuticles of PerfecTress® human hair are aligned in the correct direction, which keeps the hair from tangling while combing. The tips are trimmed off to prevent mats and tangles. The roots are trimmed off to guarantee smooth combing. This, combined with our Micro Polymer Cross-Linking Treatment, ensures an easy hair combing experience.

Cleanest Available
We take extra time to ensure that each PerfecTress® Premium Weft is the cleanest hair available.

Premium Weft - Remy Cuticle Human Hair

Availability - 100% Human Hair 

Hair Type:
100% Human Hair (Remy Cuticle Intact)

Hair Lengths:
10”/25 cm
12”/30 cm
14”/35 cm
16”/40 cm
18”/45 cm
20”/50 cm
22”/55 cm
24”/60 cm

Hair Patterns:
Natural Silky Straight (NSS)
Natural Body (NB)
Natural Curly (NCL)
Natural Deep Curl (NDC)

- 115 grams (4 oz.)

Premium Weft colour chart

Essential Tools


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Weft Sewing Thread 

Super strong sewing thread in four different colors.



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