Tape Weft

Tape Weft hair pieces

The Tape Weft System is a much improved version of previous hair tape systems and is rapidly gaining popularity.

Why better?
Up until now the biggest problem was that the glue on the tape dissolved over a short period of time and also left the tape in the natural hair after removal. With the Tape Wefts we have solved this problem completely.

• Fast and easy installation: Around 20 to 40 minutes to apply.

• Invisible to the eye: Ultra thin and transparent tape...undetectable in the hair.

• Easy removal (Please only use a solution consisting of 'Surgical Spirits')

• No more tape residue sticking to the hair after removal

• Re-usable


- NO heat is to be applied to the adhesive sections on the tapes during Installation. Simple peel the blue tab from the adhesive section and attach the extension.

- Stylists need to take the necessary care when removing the tapes to prevent damage to the adhesive section of the tapes.


Tape Weft availability


Hair Lengths:
14'/35 cm
18'/45 cm
22'/55 cm

Hair Patterns:
Silky Straight (SS)
Natural Body (NB)
Body Wave (BW)

Tape Weft colour chart

#1        Jet Black
#1B      Off Black
#2        Darkest Brown
#4        Brown
#6        Medium Brown
#8        Chestnut Brown
#10      Light Brown
#12      Golden Brown

#14      Wheat Brown
#16      Honey Blonde
#18      Light Ash Brown
#22      Ash Blonde
#24      Golden Blonde
#25      Blonde 
#27R    Strawberry Blonde - Red Tone
#28      Honey Brown

#30R    Auburn - Red Tone
#33R    Deep Auburn - Red Tone
#138    Burgundy
#612    Light Ash Blonde
#613    Lightest Blonde
#613B  Light Blonde

B4      Bleached Brown

Essential Tools


Pressing Tool 

The Pressing Tool you will get rid of all the air between the two tape layers for a secure attachment.


"Blue" Tape 

The new Blue Tape is an ultra strong double adhesive tape. Blue Tape is used to re-tape the Tape Wefts.


Tape Removal Tool 

With this Tape Removal Tool you can inject the removal fluid between the two tape layers for efficient and save removal.

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